How We Increased Docsumo’s Conversion
Rate by 300%

Did you know how impactful landing page optimization can be? We helped Docsumo boost their conversion rate from 0.7% to 2.5% through landing page optimization—that’s over a 3X increase!
Company Name


Docsumo automates data extraction from complex documents using AI, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. Its unique ability to swiftly process unstructured data addresses key operational pain points, enhancing efficiency for businesses in finance, insurance, and logistics. This results in significant time and cost savings, making it an indispensable asset for data-driven organizations.

Company Profile

Docsumo is an intelligent document workflow automation platform for financial services firms. Docsumo helps companies extract data from documents, analyse that data and detect document fraud, It’s latest funding round was a Seed round on Mar 03, 2022 for $3.5M.

Their Challenges

Docsumo approached us with a pressing challenge: their existing landing page was failing to convert visitors effectively. 

It was at 0.7% conversion rate. 

Our Solutions

We profoundly analyzed their website, and implemented a holistic strategy to transform
Docsumo’s landing page into a powerful lead generation engine.

1.We meticulously created a clear message emphasizing Docsumo’s “ability to revolutionize document processing, saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing productivity for businesses across industries”.

2.We focused on highlighting key features and benefits, making it easy for visitors to find important information about Docsumo’s unmatched ability to quickly and accurately extract data from unstructured documents.

3.Our headlines addressed common pain points faced by businesses, such as “Minimize manual efforts processing docs. Maximize data accuracy” These headlines immediately conveyed the value proposition of Docsumo and encouraged visitors to learn more.

4.Using persuasive language, we emphasized how Docsumo can transform businesses by boosting efficiency, accuracy, and operational excellence.

5.We built Docsumo’s credibility and trust by including testimonials from happy customers and highlighting industry awards.

6.We created a strong call to action, inviting visitors to try Docsumo free for 14 days. This gave potential customers a chance to see the platform’s benefits for themselves.

Results & Improvements

Our strategic optimization efforts led remarkable results for Docsumo:


Increase in Conversion rate

+ 100%

Increased opportunities


Increase in trial sign-ups


Rushabh Sheth​
Co-Founder &
CEO | Docsumo
For a long time, we wanted to change our website positioning. And, you guys understood the problems we solved for our customers and translated it into awesome copy! Working with you seemed like you were one among us here at Docsumo, and not consultants. We loved your professionalism, patience, and the knowledge you brought to the project!

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